It's Time To Think Product Show 2018

Saturday, 25th August 2018

It’s never too early to start preparations for the garden and allotment…and the same goes for the Topcliffe and Asenby Produce Show.
Over winter the keen gardener needs to be selecting the seeds and plants they intend to grow in the coming season, always, of course, with a view to what entries might be made in the annual show.
As summer approaches the real work begins, with gardeners actively preparing the ground ready for sowing seeds and plants, many of which will have been cultivated in greenhouses or on warm windowsills.
Naturally, we cultivate plants and vegetables for the sheer pleasure and wonderment of seeing them grow…and for the delight of floral displays throughout the summer and, in the case of veg, of eating things we have grown ourselves. There’s nothing to beat homegrown produce such as tomatoes, potatoes, beans and brassicas!
So all of this pleasure and still the challenge of the Produce Show as the season comes to a close. It’s all about knowing the target date for honing our crops and ensuring they are at their best for showing on the big day.
The 2018 show will be held at the Village Hall on Saturday, 25th August.
As in 2017, the 2018 show will have 47 horticultural classes, so there’s lots of opportunity to grow some winners!
There’s also 16 baking/preserves classes, 3 floral classes, 10 hobbies classes and 5 specific classes for entries from children.
Please read the Produce Show Rules carefully to ensure your entries conform to the regulations.
All enquiries to the Produce Show Secretary, Judith Lowe, on 577911.A list of categories and a copy of the Rules can be obtained from Judith Lowe (577911) or CLICK HERE

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