Asenby Community Space

The Asenby Institute committee is alive and well and raring to move forward in 2017.

At the AGM on 18 October, a new committee was elected and our first event was the traditional Asenby Mulled Wine and Mince Pie Evening which this year was held at Asenby Hall on Sunday 11 December.   Just a lovely night! Thank you all for coming - you've helped us raise over £500 towards our 2017 plans. Thank you all so much.

There are several plans afoot for the forthcoming year but early in the year we’ll be coming round with a questionnaire to see just how many children and grandchildren we have in the village and what YOUR ideas are for the area….would you like to see more play equipment, a wild flower meadow, a dog walk, a nature trail, a place where everyone (not just children) might like to take a stroll or a seat in the sun. So do put your thinking caps on in readiness for our visit….

There is no getting away from the fact that the play park itself looks a little tired. We are planning to spruce it up as best we can for the moment although new equipment would be a future aim. However just right now funds are extremely low (and our mowing costs will rise to over £500 in 2017) so we very much hope that the whole village will support us in our fund-raising efforts. We’ll do everything we can to make sure that our news reaches you with flyers and posters and on this website but you could also check out our new Facebook page – search for Asenby Institute Community Space.

Any comments you have can be addressed to the committee in person or you can reach us by email on Asenby.Community.Space At this point it is worth a reminder that currently NO dogs are allowed in this Community Space. In accordance with the annual RoSPA report we have posted a new notice on the entrance gate and we would ask everyone to adhere to this hard and fast rule. It seems self-explanatory that no-one wants their children to be playing in an area where they might stumble into a pile of doggy unpleasantness. And with the best will in the world – even if you are the most conscientious of pooper scoopers - there is always going to be one that you don’t see happening!! So please stick to the NO Dogs rule and mention it to anyone you might see with their dogs on the field. Thank you.

Chair: Siobhan Gifford

Secretary: Alison Robertson

Treasurer: Rachel Harrison

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